Life opens up to a person different sides of his opportunities.
Sometimes this happens accidentally, sometimes - naturally.
Zinoviy's fate with the eyes of the beloved woman met him in 2005. And
he found himself being a creator of wonderful, who love to make the
beauty around him. Initially, the family home was established on his
own design. Cozy home with a fireplace surrounded by love and flowers.
Then he created a garden of flowers, rocks and waterfalls, with an
open terrace for the lazy summer rest.
The pleasure of smoking the pipe led Zinoviy further. He felt the
desire to create pipes. He very much wanted to see how the beauty of
briar reveals and harmonizes with the air, flowers, clouds and charms
of nature.
Unity with nature creates a vision of new. Flickering leaves, bends of
the branches, the strict beauty of stones, riot of the flowers colors,
fancy shapes of clouds and air movement. They're fascinating.
Live fire on the fireplace charms during cold autumn and winter
evenings. Wrapped in the scent of a tasty tobacco from the favorite
pipe master continues to see the shape of peace, bliss and joy
embodied in the new work.
Usually Zinoviy listens to the good music when making a pipe in the
workshop. Of his favorite should be noted classical music (Haydn,
Rachmaninov), classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Yes), jazz (Oscar Peterson,
Miles Davis) and a light music (Karunesh, Deep Forest).
Each new pipe is the new life created by nature, music and pipemaker's
hands. Zinoviy uses the materials of the highest quality available.
Pipes are made of briar from Spain, Italy and Algeria. Ebonite and
other components arrives from Germany, the decorative elements
pipemaker receives from China.
Zinoviy Senyak was born in the town Stryi near Lviv, Ukraine, on 9
May, 1959. In 1982 he moved to Moscow, Russia. Since 2005 he lives and
works in vicinities of Moscow.
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